(Adult Wood Basic)

This is an introduction to wood work for the adult from age 19 and above. You get to discover how to handle some key carpentry tools and machines within your first lesson! Fortunately . . . you should be able to built ‘almost’ anything after this lesson and to impress your neighbour with his jaw dropping!

Built and bring back something home at the end of the session, you will be surprise how talented you are!

Date: Saturday Session Only
Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm
Fee: RM180.00 per person

This session is open to individual and group.

" I enjoy exploring my creativity with the help of experienced crafters Alan & Din. Their guidance helped in planning, executing and trouble shooting in my project. Discussions and feedback were helpful to achieve the finished item. It is a very humble experience and I hope it will further challenge me to be different and unique "

¬†Wood behaviour and characteristic. Understand types of timber and it’s usage.
– What type of wood is ideal for your future build and where to source for your tools and materials.

– How to handle your carpentry tools and machine.
– Utilising square and taking measurement.
– Battery power tool and screw applying.
– Mitre saw handling.
– Sanding machine and purpose of sanding.

– Lunch break.

– Design your own furniture – making a mini stool or a table.
– Wood preparation and cutting.
– Sanding.
– Assembling your build.

End of session.

NOTE: Some build may require more than 1 classes depending on your furniture design and your skills.

Contact us for customise projects,
we are always happy to accommodate!

Some of those
jaw dropping

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Wood Behaviour & Type
Find out where to source for your wood supply. Choosing the right wood for your build. General type of wood available. Understand structure load, join strength and pressure.

'Wooden' you be glad that you had learned this before hand!!!
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Tool & Machine
Learn how to handle a mitre saw. Doing a rip cut using a table saw. Bandsaw for your odd shape cut. Types of squares and how to get your 90 degree look handsomely straight! How to operate a battery drill & fastener. Palm sanding to smooth out the surface. Taking measurement and how to sharp a perfectly sharp pencil!
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Built Something Home By the end of your lesson.
Learn how to do preps and sanding before assembling the pieces. How to get those pieces together using screws or dowels. Perhaps you might want to end it with some varnishing touch.

And finally, knowing that you're happy cause your time worth spending in the workshop!
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