Time:  9:00am – 5:00pm
Meals:  Lunch and tea break included

Our Leadership Program can be customised to meet clients’ goals and outcome. It can range from 1 DAY to 7 DAYS or more.

Do speak with us for more information.
Utilising woodworking, the program entails participants engaging in a 1 day (or more, depending on the team objective/learning) program whereby they design and build furniture and home furnishings for underprivileged families and/or communities such as orphanages and old folks homes, refugee centers and schools, marginalised groups, indigenous communities and village schools, soup kitchens and street feeders as well as NGO’s and conservation bodies.

Personalised Learning

The program provides outlets for individual growth in a team environment by role swapping in regards to leading, coordinating or following/taking instructions. The program aims to empower individuals in taking on challenges that they might not have had the courage to do so before and in turn, develops confidence, perseverance, grit and determination

Action Learning

We minimise lecture based sessions but rather promote and encourage active participation. Action learning is the act of positive and engaged participation and that goes hand in hand with our hands-on approach to the program content. Our participants will be utilising a whole bunch of skills and techniques throughout the duration of the program such as basic sketching, measuring, sawing, drilling, smoothing and so forth.

Collective Learning

Collective learning is fundamentally learning’s that happen in the ‘real world’ revolves around the concept that knowledge acquired should be of benefit to oneself as well as others around you. We are tackling real issues that affect real people by roping in like-minded individuals towards contributing back to society via a platform that is equally beneficial to both parties. Knowledge gained can be utilised back at ones’ home or office environment as well as, potentially, participating back in future projects.

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