Learning to make furniture also means learning to care and contribute for those in need!

Being able to reach out to those in need by turning your hand skills into an item truly important to an individual or a community is nothing more satisfied than besides (you) gained a new skill set . . . making a furniture!!

Tell us who you need to REACH out and we will plan it along with you to achieve this amazing yet possible results!

You learned much more when you give!

Felt So Good When You Care!
Tell us what you have in mind or which community you want to contribute to.
It can be a school near you, a refugee centre or a public park.

The fun part is, you get to give something wonderful and pick up a new skill at the same time!
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Future is brighter!
Making great things for others can be anything from a . . . . . Classroom desk Book cabinet Park bench Bed frame Gardening/farming box
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